To Think that all driving schools are the same what be a BIG mistake pick a driving school that has what it takes.

What will you do when you PASS ?    Where will you go ?

Your independence starts here Your ”Road To Success”

 CB4 Arbury Chesterton Histon Milton – Post code Discount / pre paid offers

Indroductory offer

5 hours just £140

   Call 01223 572687 

Text  07906663288

Only one Indroductory offer per NEW driver / Learner (T&C Apply)


MAIN PRICE MENU with CB4 Discount

Arbury Chesterton + Histon or Milton Post code

Discount / pre-paid offers

Driving Course package deal 30 hours @ £800 = (£26.66ph)

Block Booking 10 hours @ £275

Single Lesson per hour @ £32

Assessment Drive 2 hours @ £60

Taxi Test or Refresher Course @ 5 Hours £150 = (£30ph)

 Or in  CB4    Postcode  learner lessons  you can simply PAY AS YOU GO .

£35 for one hour

£50 for hour and a half “90 mins”

£65 for two hours

“PAY AS YOU GO- CB4 Cambridge postcode” with just a £55 Deposit
To book your next lesson into my diary You will need to pay the deposit for tuition prior to the / or on the first lesson commencing.


Special Offers can be used if you live outside the postcode discount zone but would like your lessons to start and finish in the postcode zone

For Students New To Driving I like to use Cowley Road ind est , So I can put you in the driving seat in a safe environment , but I can only use Cowley road at the weekends. So please for your first few 2 hour lessons try and think of Saturday and / or Sunday driving lessons . So you can learn the basic control skills of driving at a comfortable pace, in a safe environment.  In a relaxed and calm atmosphere.



Block Booking

Out Side My Postcode Discount i.e. (Cambridge)

All hours booked MUST be pre-paid. Cambridge (CB* ***)

30 Hours Driving Course Package Deal
£900  (£30ph) giving you 10 sessions of 3 hour lessons/Tuition


Phone 01223 572687 or Text 0790 666 3288


requ“PAY AS YOU GO- Out side my CB4 “pre-piad” (discount) Cambridge postcode”  @ £72 for 2 hours  with just a £60 Deposit



Collingwood Learner Driver Insurance

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The DSA say, that the average learner takes about 45 hours of professional tuition combined with about 20 hours private practice. So while private practice with a friend or relative is an excellent idea ” it is IMPORTANT that any practice you do supports what the ADI is teaching in your driving lessons.

 Learn to Drive With Top Grade 6 Instructor @ GLS Driving School and Drive down the cost of your car INSURANCE with A student discount code from GLS 322032gls-black--LINE